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The Innobrix Academy

The Innobrix academy offers a series of instructions and (short) videos covering the various functionalities and features of Innobrix in a streamlined manner. At its core, Innobrix has 3 ways in which a BIM Model can be presented.

  1. Through the BIM Publisher, where the emphasis is on rapid publication of a model, complex or block.
  2. Within the Home Configurator which is characterized by powerful and dynamic configuration options.
  3. The Planconfigurator where new models can be given visual context through existing BAG data, which is for the Netherlands.

The Innobrix Academy starts with the BIM Publisher, the easiest to use module within Innobrix. It is therefore highly recommended to start with this.

What do you need to know?

It is important to know that the videos that are available on the pages, have been moment shots. This means that it may be that, by the time you get started with Innobrix, some elements and interfaces of Innobrix may be slightly different. Workflows and principles we do try to keep as much as possible the same. Of course we try to take this into account as much as possible when we make updates to the web environment, but we cannot 100% exclude the possibility that some images in the video material will correspond exactly 1-to-1 with your own experience.


If you want to pick up and learn Innobrix smoothly, there is no better way than to set aside some time and do it. Using the Innobrix Academy as a guide for this will give you a good idea of how Innobrix works. Shooting good questions with us and experimenting with a test model are the best ways to do this. Once you know the platform it's a breeze, and in summary:

Innobrix is not difficult, but you have to get the hang of it.