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Here you will find all (technical) documentation related to Innobrix. You can use the search bar above to search within all available documentation.


Innobrix is best learned by doing. Our own Innobrix Academy is therefore ideally suited for this. The categories you see in the navigation bar on the left of this screen are in the same order you would normally build your Innobrix projects. would normally build your Innobrix projects.

So that basically means: preparing the model (or models) from Revit, exporting, importing and configuring within a Library and finally implementing the models within an actual new build project or plan.

What is the minimum you need for a good start?

  • A BIM Model modelled in Revit. Don't have a model available just yet? Then take a look at our Downloads page to download an example model.
  • A set of textures that you provide to the model.
  • Time to get to know the platform.