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How do I work with mirrored homes?
I have two house types that (for the most part) have the same options. Do I now have to reconfigure and set everything up again in Innobrix for my second type?
How do I deal with facade sections such as end walls for corner houses?
Can I delete groups in my gridfield?
How can I assign buyers to homes in my project?
Is there any way to show dimensions?
Is there a limit to the number of houses I can put on the parcel map?
Where can I download the buyer options I need for importing into Revit?
Help! My model hangs while importing!
I see elements in the wrong place in my model after importing. How can this happen?
Can I work on a project or model at the same time as my colleague(s)?
I shared the Viewer link of a plan (created in the Plan Configurator) but the recipient gets a 404 error message. How can this be?
Can I directly import an IFC file into Innobrix?
I have placed decorative furniture in my homes, but when I select an option (e.g. an extension), the furniture remains while the layout changes. Is it possible to move furniture with it when activating an option?
What is meant by 'short-url'?
How, and can I share a model with another party using Innobrix?
Help! Mijn sneltoetsen doen het niet!